Achieving Personal Success


Every human being has the potential for great personal success and achievement. The ability to effectively communicate with others, to plan for personal success, to establish personal discipline and to work effectively and consistently towards your individual definition of this success will determine how much of your great potential you achieve.

Many people experience difficulties in their day-to-day lives caused by the stresses of family, friends and the professional environment. The idea that `everyone seems luckier than me´ assumes that there are simply too many factors outside of our control. Goal setting is a skill which allows people to cope with life’s challenges and to control more of those outside factors.

Achieving Personal Success© is designed to provide the necessary skills to help you to continue to grow and to develop your personal success.


  • the differences between people who succeed and people who fail
  • the importance of goal setting
  • how to find and define your goals
  • an understanding of the conscious and the sub-conscious
  • how self-images and habits control performance
  • how to change your habits and self-image
  • what you say is not always what other people hear
  • the dynamics created by a group
  • the skills needed to better handle or solve problems
  • how to balance your goals for a full life
  • how to turn your dreams and goals into reality


CARPE DIEM (`seize the day´) is the theme of Achieving Personal Success©. A better quality of life is the goal of each individual. This course offers scientific information, techniques and practical tips to allow you to identify the habits, attitudes and self-images you would like to change to become the new person you always wanted to be. The ability to take more personal responsibility will positively influence your success.


Everyone, and their partner, who wants more success, happiness, money, adventur e and satisfaction for themselves, their family and business. Anyone, and their partner, who would like to redefine, clarify and achieve their life goals.


6 half days - or sometimes on a weekend retreat basis

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