Time Activity Planning


Some people call this ‘Time Management’ but in fact you do not manage time, you use it or you lose it. Have you ever gone to a customer only to discover that you do not have the right equipment, information or materials? That time was not only wasted it also created a negative impact on the impression the customer has of you. This does not need to happen ever again!

Do you run out of hours before you run out of work? Do you find it difficult to know which task should be done first? Do you have problems keeping everything under control? Despite more and more sophisticated technical tools, most of us have less time and more stress.

Clarifying you priorities, understanding the real blocks of time you need to do you work, taking the time to plan your activities will save you all of the time to think you do not have now.


  • The nature of your habits
  • An analysis of personal skills
  • To understand where the Bottlenecks occur
  • To understanding ‘What Is Important’ and ‘What Is Essential’
  • How to Prioritise Your Activities
  • To discover the ‘Big Stones’ of your life
  • To organise your personal timetable
  • How to avoid interruptions
  • How to use Blocks of Time
  • Time Thieves and Time Traps
  • How to use Checklists to pilot your work
  • How to use Customer Feedback Forms


Time Activity Planning© participants learn to control the way they use time to accomplish the work while reducing the
stress on themselves, the boss and the customers. This programme demonstrates a variety of ways to handle even the most complex and difficult situations. This is the basis for personal and professional success.


All employees who must organise and utilise their own time, working inside or outside of the office.


3 half days


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TAP  Time Activity Planning
Zeit- und Aktivitätenplannung
Nürnberg Bayern de 20.07.2020
- 20.07.2020
TAP  Time Activity Planning
Zeit- und Aktivitätenplannung
Nürnberg Bayern de 19.11.2020
- 19.11.2020