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BEITRAINING® is – above all – the people who are responsible for our content and the ongoing further development of programmes. We support you through seminars and are at your service as a contact point for questions and suggestions.

Dipl. Betriebswirt Andreas C. Fürsattel, Chief Executive Officer - CEO

Dipl. Betriebswirt Andreas C. Fürsattel, Geschäftsführer

Mr. Andreas C. Fürsattel started his career in sales. In his early 20's he built and led a sales team of more than 600 people in the German financial services industry.
Following this he was the CEO for a European regional airline company for three years.

Since 1996 Mr. Fürsattel has been the National Training Director of BEI for the German-speaking market.

In 2001 he became director and partner of BEITRAINING® International with responsibilities for the day-to-day management.

Rodman Gil Ostrander, Founder and Chairman

Rodman Gil Ostrander

Mr. Rodman Gil Ostrander has more than 30 years of experience in real estate sales, franchise development, sales management and training in the North American and European markets.

From 1996 to 2001 he was involved in the European expansion of the RE/MAX® franchise real estate system establishing more than 750 offices in Europe. RE/MAX® is the global real estate leader.

Con-currently he founded the company BEIGROUP®.

Dipl.-Volkswirt Arnulf Taiber, Senior Corporate Trainer

Rodman Gil Ostrander

Born in 1951 in Weidenau/Sieg and after leaving the University with an economic degree Mr Arnulf Taiber started his career at Procter & Gamble in Germany.    

Over a period of 25 years he had several positions in the management of the Kimberly-Clark GmbH in Koblenz and at the German regional headquarters of the Kao Corporation, Tokyo.

As a General Manager at these companies he was responsible for increasing the market shares in the existing countries, taking the responsibility of opening new markets and leading two acquisitions.

In 2005 Mr Taiber joined the BEI Group GmbH and helped in developing and building the business in Germany. He got several certificates for BEI seminars and is today responsible for training key accounts and also educating internal people.