Synergistic Selling Model


Synergistic Selling is based on the simple idea that people will buy from someone they know and like if they can. They will buy more, faster, easier and for more money, if they see the solutions to their problems, pain or motivation. They will trust you in a WIN-WIN relationship if they believe you truly understand their problem and are focused only on solutions that fit the problem, not your need to sell.

A Synergistic Selling Model© is based on a selling strategy, which utilises the Socratic Selling Skills© model to connect your products or service to the customer’s deepest needs, wants and motivation without betraying their trust.

Synergistic Selling Model© focuses on a relationship, which is based on mutual advantages for each party in the transaction. Sometimes businesses and customers are sponsors of, rather than consumers of, the services or products. Similarities of need, market, customer base or motivation can lead to a synergistic relationship, which can create major opportunities for sales without a direct buyer/seller relationship. The Synergistic Selling Model© of Networking, Understanding, Solving, Solidifying and Clarifying combined with the Socratic Selling Skills© of Discovery, Bonding, Confirming and Documenting creates a selling, problem-solving, mutually beneficial relationship, which leads naturally and inevitably to an extended, long-term, customer/supplier relationship that can last years.


  • how to create long-term WIN-WIN relationships
  • how to get customers to treat you like an internal support supplier rather than an external seller
  • how to match, sort and select target customers
  • how to negotiate, document and solidify proposals and sponsorships
  • how to eliminate competitors forever
  • how to grow your marketshare during difficult times


The Synergistic Selling Model© lets you move from external seller to internal supplier and support provider. This move creates long-term business development and business building opportunities by truly solidifying your customer base. This in turn allows you to use the energy and resources normally needed to replace lost customers to service and support your existing customers effectively.


Business owners, sales managers and salespeople who have completed the Socratic Selling Skills© programme.


4 days – 2 x 2 days per week


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