Socratic Selling Skills


Socratic Selling is based on the idea that people want to buy, if you can connect your product or service to their situation, problem or needs. Selling is not about pushing products. It is about discovering the underlying needs, motivation and problems that drive each customer’s buying decisions.

A Socratic Selling model is based on the correct, creative-questioning strategy. The idea is simple. Asking the right questions, in the right way, at the right time, the professional salesperson can learn everything that is required to identify real buyers, the motivation for the buying decision and the buying style used by each customer.

Socratic Selling Skills© focuses on a conversational structure and strategy, which will lead each customer to reveal his or her hidden buying motivations. The professional salesperson can then use the skills of Discovering, Bonding, Confirming, and Documenting to connect their products or services directly to the customer’s needs, motivations or problems.


  • how to control the sales conversation.
  • how to get customers to talk to you about their hidden motivation and problems.
  • how to present a multiple product option without confusing the customer.
  • an understanding of what you sell and why people buy.
  • how to control the presentation environment.
  • the serious hidden objections customers have.
  • the ability to sell even the most difficult customers.
  • how to keep and close the sales you usually lose.
  • how to prosper in a tough market.


Socratic Selling moves you from the unconscious competent to the conscious competent with a new set of skills that only an experienced and successful salesperson will understand and be able to implement consistently.


Salespeople who have passed the first test - survival in the selling business. This is not for beginners. Salespeople who have made 50 documented transactions, who have 250 names in their demographic database, a complete presentation book and a personal, professional CV.


4 days - 2 x 2 days per week


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