Selling Professional Services


Highly motivated employees are the key to successful professional services businesses (such as legal, accounting, medical) or trades services businesses (such as plumbing, gardening, electrical, renovations).

Services are often intangible and therefore a trust relationship between client and service person plays an important role in the decision-making process. Service also means recognising and identifying the full range of customer needs. The employees who have the most direct contact with the client have the best opportunity to uncover and fill these hidden or unrealised problems; to offer the full range of services; to reconnect the client to the company; and, to increase the revenue of the organisation.

Selling Professional Services© focuses on the necessary skills and techniques for the selling of high quality services in three 2-day modules to be taken in order as follows:
SPS 1 - Sales Basics - Professional Sales Basics for the Service Business (Manditory First Module)
SPS 2 - Sales Skills - Professional Sales Techniques for the Service Business
SPS 3 - Closing the Sale - Professional Closing Techniques for the Service Business

During each step of the programme, service people will gain the confidence to achieve greater customer satisfaction. This is the basis for personal and professional success.


  • Sales as a part of your job
  • The benefits of needs-based selling
  • The importance of your expertise
  • The basics of sales
  • How to build rapport as the basis for successful communication
  • The questions to ask
  • How to qualify a customer and why that is important
  • The emotional motivation factors
  • How to present the product or service
  • Peak times and how to plan the day
  • A-B-C activities
  • To dress for success
  • How to close (ask for a decision)
  • To understand objections
  • The planned replies for objections
  • The importance of follow-up for customer retention
  • How to develop a ‘custom for life’ relationship


Selling Professional Services© participants learn to take responsibility for customer relationships, results and performance. This programme demonstrates a variety of ways to handle even the most complex and difficult customer
situations. More sales means more work for everyone and therefore more opportunities, revenue and success.


Everyone who has an active ‘customer contact’ role in service businesses, such as professional services (legal, accounting, medical) or trades (plumbing, gardening, electrical, renovations).


Each module is a 2-day programme.

SPS 1 - Sales Basics (Manditory)
SPS 2 - Sales Skills
SPS 3 - Closing the Sale

Most people seem to prefer a schedule of approximately one module every 3 to 6 months.


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