Real Estate Success


Real Estate Sales is an interesting, challenging and rewarding career. The job of the real estate salesperson is interesting because every transaction is different; the people, the needs, the problems and the properties always change. The job is challenging because it is the only business where the salesperson must find both the buyers and the properties for them to buy. It is challenging because it is a business where the work takes place outside of the office – on the street and in the homes and offices of the customer. The job is rewarding because it creates the opportunity to earn two fees or commissions.

Real Estate Success© is a 3-programme series that focuses on day-to-day work habits. Effective Selling Skills© teaches the skills of prospecting, qualifying, presenting, closing and handling objections. Helping More Vendors© focuses on the unique job of finding people who have property they do not want and persuading them to trust you to help them to sell or lease it. Helping More Buyers© concentrates on the prospecting, qualifying and objection-handling issues for the pressurised decision-making process of making a major lifestyle investment.


  • where to find more customers
  • how to build a stable base of repeat customers
  • how to qualify a customer and why that is important
  • how to control the presentation environment
  • the results of a focused follow-up system
  • how to present your services to create a clear separation between you and your competition
  • to understand what you sell and why people buy
  • the objections customers raise
  • the answers you need to handle the objections
  • how to develop a ‘customer for life’ relationship
  • how to plan the work and work the plan


Real Estate Success© participants learn that controlling the selling process is the key to controlling the results. Building customer confidence and higher satisfaction levels are two of the components of building a loyal customer base.


All new real estate salespeople - before the bad habits develop. Any experienced real estate salesperson who wants to have more control over the results. Any experienced real estate salesperson who is in a sales slump. All sales managers who will mentor people who have taken or will take this programme.


6 days - 2 days per programme


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