Quick Start Sales


Salespeople have the most direct contact with the customer resulting in the most influence over the customer’s buying decisions and habits. Therefore, effective selling skills and sales results are critical to the company’s bottom line.

A proactive selling model encourages salespeople to find, qualify and sell their customers in an organised system of contact, presentation and closing which is customer-needs focused. By structuring the sales approach, salespeople become ‘conscious competent’ in all areas of the sales process and therefore feel more secure about their ability to produce consistent results and a more successful future.

Quick Start Sales© focuses on the day-to-day work habits that are essential for the outside salesperson. This programme is intended specifically for those people who must work in the customer’s home or office to make most of their selling presentations.


  • where to find more customers
  • how to build a stable base of repeat customers
  • the value of a focused follow-up system
  • how to present a multiple product option without confusing the customer
  • an understanding of what you sell and why people buy
  • how to qualify a customer and why that is important
  • how to control the presentation environment
  • the normal objections customers raise
  • the answers you need
  • how to develop a ‘customer for life’ relationship
  • how to plan the work and work the plan


Quick Start Sales© participants learn that controlling the selling process is the key to controlling the results. Building customer confidence and higher satisfaction levels are two of the components of building a loyal customer base. ‘Customer for life’ is the goal of this programme.


Everyone whose job is to sell outside of the business or office environment. Everyone who sells products or services that require a major financial decision or commitment from the customer. All new salespeople - before the bad habits develop. Any experienced salesperson who wants to have more control over the results. Any experienced salesperson who is in a sales slump. All sales managers who will mentor people who have taken or will take this programme.


5 days - 1 day per week


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