"The only way to make a man trust-worthy is to trust him." (Henry Stimson)

9 Urgent Measures for More Loyalty and Trust

  1. Agree on realistic goals and trust in your employee’s ability to find his own way to reach the goals.
  2. Transfer responsibility. Do not interfere or try to help as long as mentoring is sufficient.
  3. Let your employees know that you need them and rely on them. Have the courage to show vulnerability.
  4. Promote the strengths of your employees with appropriate training, coaching and mentoring.
  5. Be open to constructive and critical suggestions and ideas which show that they are assuming more responsibility.
  6. Convey information on time and completely. Communicate positive as well as negative news.
  7. Conduct regular and personal staff meetings for constructive and confi-dential communication.
  8. Give credit and praise for good performance.
  9. Demonstrate trust e.g. - the handling of office keys and time recording.

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