The Art of Delegating

How do you benefit from delegating tasks to your employees?

  • You can concentrate on your core tasks such as organisation, planning and business development.
  • It will reduce your stress since you are transferring responsibility with the task.
  • You will produce better results since the potential of both you and your employees will be used in a much more efficient way.
  • A carefully planned delegation process will promote creativity and confidence in your employees.
  • The expansion of your employees’ responsibilities and scope of operation will increase their motivation.

The most important factors for delegating tasks:

1.    You need to learn to let go and to trust your employees’ abilities.
2.    Explain the task, the goal and the purpose clearly and precisely.
3.    Do not always delegate unpopular, routine tasks to the same person.
4.    Think about who is most capable of handling the task (have a competence list).
5.    Leave room for personal solutions to solve the problem or complete the task.
6.    Empower your employees through on-the-job training and active support.
7.    Define intermediate results if you wish to retain intermediate control.
8.    Give feedback – talk about success and mistakes.
9.    Stick to the principle: as little external control as necessary - as much self-control
     as possible.

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