Looking for staff: Employees recruit colleagues

Employees recruit colleagues: Impact on each of the participants

The employee being recruited this way has the advantage of getting advance information about the company from his/her friend. There is also a leap of faith, a pre-connection, which he/she enjoys during the interview process.

The employee-recruiter will normally bring like-minded people. Good employees like to work with other good people. Many companies pay a bonus to their employees in the case of a successful placement and some have special incentive programmes aimed at this issue.

For the company, this technique of looking for new employees is normally cost-effective, even if bonuses are paid. Some pre-selection has already been carried out by their own employees. In a sound company culture with effective employees, you can sometimes presume that only candidates with similar abilities will be recommended. Naturally, the employee does not want to embarrass himself because of a poor or weak recommendation. Before recommending someone, the employee will usually give it some careful consideration.

However, there can be disadvantages, namely lack of diversity. Employees of the same age, culture or educational background are more likely to be recommended over and over - normally keeping the working atmosphere stable - but if this method is used frequently, the company can lose its vitality.

A mixture of young and old, men and women, different familial situations, different cultures, as well as mindsets and views will demonstrably promote a company’s innovation and growth.

The result: the advantages of this method can outweigh the disadvantages if it is executed with care and according to the mentioned guidelines:

Employees recruit colleagues - Guidelines:

1. Apply the same hiring process to ‘recommended’ employees as those sourced through other means.

2. The recruiter and the recruited person should not work too closely together in order to avoid an insider relationship.

3. The recruiter should not be made responsible for the performance of a colleague he has recommended.

4. Keep the recruiter well informed including an explanation of why you have decided against a person he has proposed. He has the right to know particularly if there is a bonus or incentive programme.

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