Personality Before Techniques

It is not enough to talk the language. You have to talk to the people. (Stanislaw Jerzy Ley)

PowerPoint can be a good tool to support a presentation to a large audience. However, to be effective this tool must be used with a sense of proportion. Here are some tips for using PowerPoint in your presentations.

1. The Person is the Focus – Techniques Should Support

The personality of the speaker should not be suppressed by the tools. At the beginning, make contact with the audience before starting your PowerPoint presentation. Intentionally break away from your slides in order to call the audience’s attention to something. Keep good eye contact with your audience and don’t focus your eyes on your slides. Place your computer so that you can control the presentation and face the audience at the same time.

2. Less is More

Avoid the use of extensive text, fanciful animations, too many colours and too many pictures in your slides.

3. Offer Variety

Interrupt your PowerPoint presentation and change the medium deliberately. Choose another location on the stage and tell a story; start a small discussion; or, use a flipchart. This keeps your presentation vivid and alive.


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