Interviews - How to Find the Best Employees

How to lead a Personal Interview

How to gain the confidence of good applicants during the hiring process

  • The hiring process is a sales process. You need to convey a convincing image of your company’s culture, values, vision and development.
  • Give the candidate a detailed description of the position, tasks, required qualifications, responsibilities and long-term objectives.
  • Find out the needs and expectations of the candidate.
  • Outline the candidate’s opportunities for personal development within your company.
  • Make sure that the candidate feels comfortable throughout the process.
  • Introduce an initial training plan to the candidate, which will allow him to connect to his new job immediately.

Thorough qualifying reduces hiring mistakes

The goal of qualifying is to choose the right applicant for you to work with and the one, in your opinion, with the best chance to be successful. The following questions need to be answered prior to your decision:

  • Does the candidate fulfil the necessary requirements to do a good job?
  • Is he motivated to be successful for my company in the long run?
  • Does the candidate fit into my team?
  • Does the job meet the expectations and needs of the candidate?

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