From Boss to Mentor!

From Boss to Mentor in 6 Steps

The key to effective mentoring is the personal relationship between the mentor and the trainee. The goal is the advancement of the personal life skills of the individual as well as career advancement. In order to build a mentor relationship the following conditions must be present:

•    personal trust
•    mutual respect
•    room for creativity

From Boss to Mentor in 6 Steps:

1. Be a credible and inspiring example. Live up to values like appreciation, trust, fairness, determination, optimism and social responsibilities.

2. Transfer responsibilities. Don’t interfere as long as it is not really necessary.

3. Leave room for personal creativity and experience.

4. Share the secrets of your personal success. Talk about your failures and the search for answers.

5. Give feedback – critical but always constructive.

6. Encourage your people to define their goals and help them develop their own strategies to achieve these goals.

As a mentor, you promote self-motivation and build a lasting and personal relationship between you and your employees. Based on this kind of relationship you will cope with your daily management tasks more easily and tie your employees to you and your business long-term.

Photo: Pixabay

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