Employee Retention – A Factor of Success

Keeping Strong Employees – Reducing Turnover

Contractual obligation strategies are not effective and, in fact, in the long run may prove to be counterproductive. They can cause the employee to spend more time figuring out how to get out of the contract instead of producing results.

Here some practical tips for employee retention.

It is important to understand the needs of every individual employee regarding income, security, social status, independence and motivation. Each employee will have a different combination of needs. Try to fulfil these needs as much as possible and keep in mind that experienced, qualified employees will have a stronger need for independence and acknowledgement.

 Keep your promises. During the interview you made many promises. Now is the time to deliver on them. Were there any implied promises?

Conduct regular individual reviews with all employees, not just with those experiencing problems but with everyone you want to keep in your company. These talks should include topics like goals, planning and feedback.

 At least once a year organise an event for your employees. This could be at your home, in a restaurant or other locations. Ensure that you pay attention to each employee personally.

Start a file containing the profiles of all employees. Note date of birth, name of spouse and children, hobbies and favourite sport. In this way you will always have a personal point of contact in order to talk with your employees on a human basis.

 Small compliments or praise – great effect. Make a polite comment about the new haircut, piece of clothing or a particularly good mood. Through honest compliments or a pat on the back, you can show with little effort that you pay attention.

 Become the personal mentor of your employees. Tell them the secret of your success. Share good ideas. Respect their work habits and show them how they can improve their habits. Always be a role model.

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