“A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.” (Henry Ford)

Synergistic Selling: ‘Win-Win’ Strategy as Formula for Success

Synergy or synergism (from the Greek synergos: syn – together and ergos - work) refers to the phenomenon in which two or more separate influences or agents acting together create an effect greater than the sum of the separate influences of the individual agents - the combined effort being greater than its parts.

In entrepreneurial terms, synergies are not only possible in larger companies or organisations. Synergistic effects can also be created in the areas of cus-tomer service and sales in smaller SME companies. The main focus being to create a ‘Win-Win’ Relationship in which the company and the customer benefit from the business relationship equally, with the goal of long-term customer satisfaction and an increase of the company’s results. The key to this is customer service-oriented sales.

There are many opportunities to create synergistic effects. These can be simple service activities or the cross-linking of more complex processes and structures:

1. Value Added Services: Standardised services such as the alteration service in the above-mentioned example.
2. Additional Services: Free services the customer does not expect, e.g. delivery or assembling.
3. Direct Connectivity Services: The ability or opportunity to connect one cus-tomer or group of customers to another customer or group of customers, e.g. legal service, delivery service, cleaning service.
4. Bridging Services: This is also a networking service and similar to Connectivity Service but it requires more involvement on the part of the connector. It is more pro-active. Bridging creates a pseudo-partnership in the process, such as a Customer Loyalty Programme.

The opportunities for synergy are unlimited. Every industry, every company and every sales-room offers opportunities to create with little cost individual  synergies for the company, its customers and its partners. A little creativity, an entrepreneurial spirit and the will to provide service above the ordinary standards is what it takes to accomplish this.

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