Motivation and Retention Procedures


Effective motivation will be a major determining factor in your ability to get the best out of the people you rely on for the success of your business. People, not products, are the key to business growth today. A technical advantage is soon lost to an innovation or copycat production but a committed team, motivated and focused on high-quality service and results, will always be able to grow as a market leader despite the inevitable changes on market, customers or products.

Retention of the best people is the key to effective business-building results. Not all people are valued equally in a business. Staff turnover is a normal part of the business cycle but sometimes losing a key person is a small disaster in a small- to medium-size business. This small disaster is preventable most of the time.


  • How fear motivation can negatively affect the performance of your associates.
  • How reward motivation affects the performance of your associates.
  • How human basic needs affect motivation and performance.
  • How to match the goals of your associates with the objectives and ambitions of your organisation.
  • How to communicate individual goals and motivations in a group setting.
  • How to use contests and rewards as motivation tools.
  • How to manage performance cycles.
  • How to keep your best people.
  • 10 retention activities.


Motivation and Retention Procedures© teaches skills and techniques to successfully motivate and retain your staff by creating a positive, motivating work environment that will encourage good people to commit long-term to your business. This will help you to reduce turnover, particularly of your best people.


Business owners and managers. Any management trainees who are considering or being considered for a promotion to management.


1 day


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MRP  Motivation and Retention Procedures
Motivation und Mitarbeiterbindung
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Motivation und Mitarbeiterbindung
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MRP  Motivation and Retention Procedures
Motivation und Mitarbeiterbindung
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