Mobile learning

Decide for yourself when and where you learn!

Do you want to motivate your employees and ensure that they are enthusiastic about learning new things and incorporate that knowledge in your company? Do you want your investment in your employees’ further-training to be a worthwhile undertaking?

Daily operations often pose the problem of lacking time for learning and repetition. Mobile learning and microlearning open up interesting opportunities in that respect. The increasing use of mobile equipment (smartphones, tablets, notebooks) creates the best preconditions in that respect.

The advantage of mobile learning is that you can learn at any location (e.g. during waiting times). Microlearning involves learing in small learning units in small steps. Thanks to the opportunity of tailor-made repetition, this system supports our brain in permanently retaining knowledge. Mobile learning and microlearning complement each other ideally.

BEITRAINING® KnowledgePulse® provides lasting added value at the seminars, and enables participants to take control of their (learning) success. A solution that makes child’s play of putting knowledge into practice.

Find out more about the new perspectives in knowledge transfer and benefit from the lasting effects of broadening knowledge with BEITRAINING® KnowledgePulse®.