Helping More Vendors


One of the unique challenges of the real estate business is the necessity for the salesperson to find both the buyers and the property for them to buy. The ability to create a geographic area of expertise, a stable customer base and a personal reputation for results are the keys to a long-term, profitable, stable, real estate career.

In an industry where the average experience is less than 5 years and the average income is below a living standard, an industry where 20% of the salespeople produce 80% of the results and earn 80% of the income, a personal, exceptional marketing system is essential.

Helping More Vendors© is a real estate specific programme created by real estate people for real estate people based on 30 years of North American and European experience. It focuses on the specific issues of getting exclusive (sole right to sell) listings; well priced properties; selling conditions that are workable; and, vendors who are motivated to sell.


  • where to find more vendors every year
  • how to build a stable base of referral customers
  • the results of a focused follow-up system
  • how to present a pricing strategy without antagonising the customer
  • how to qualify a vendor
  • to present a scripted Listing Presentation format
  • how to present the ‘Property Sales Plan’
  • how to control the presentation environment
  • the 43 normal objections customers raise
  • the answers to these objections
  • to understand the value of your time
  • how to plan the work and work the plan!


Helping More Vendors© participants learn a scripted presentation called the ‘Property Sales Plan’ to guide the customer through all of the issues of motivation, personal plans, property preparation, pricing, a marketing strategy and the exclusive listing agreement for the sale of their property.


All new real estate salespeople. Experienced real estate salespeople who want to have more control over the results. Any experienced real estate salesperson who is in a sales slump. All sales managers who will mentor people who have taken or will take any part of the Real Estate Success© (RES) programme series.


2 days


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