The telephone is one of the most central communication instruments in our business world. However, telephone contact has a number of special features. Did you know that during a telephone discussion, the sound of a person’s voice has a major influence on whether or not we find them sympathetic? If you advise customers and interested parties on the telephone, it is absolutely necessary that you think about your own voice and how it comes across.

It is often the case that companies allow bad habits to take root in dealing with customers on the telephone. You may well have experienced such a case: You call a company because you need information or wish to make a complaint. You are transferred several times, wait for long periods in the loop and need to tell your story three times. The service you received may well have been unfriendly. The customers who call your company should be treated better. You should be able to put forward your concerns quickly and easily, and receive competent advice.

Irrespective of whether it is an incoming or an outgoing telephone discussion, each company needs employees who have learned how to deal with people appropriately on the telephone.

If you need support and guidance at your company in professional telephone communication (inbound and outbound), we offer practical training with numerous role play situations and exercises. Contact us!


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