Sales & marketing

The selling profession has a poor image. “He just thinks about his commission” – a concept that spontaneously comes to mind. Almost every consumer has fallen for empty promises and subsequently regretted making a purchase. Such bad experiences characterise our image of sellers.

However, it is an inaccurate assumption. Sellers can also be seen in a positive light, and loved. Selling means helping other people finding a product geared towards their requirements. Companies that focus on customers need sales staff with exactly such a positive approach to their profession, who are able to ask customers the right questions, support them, clearly define their needs and help them make decisions. In addition, good sellers make a point of providing consistent after-care to support customers in their purchasing decisions and establish loyalty to the company on a long-term basis.

With such an approach and good skills/techniques for establishing relationships, an ability to enquire about and identify needs, deal with objections and conclude transactions, sellers and sales employees enjoy their profession and are successful.

More fun and success in sales? Ask about the sales seminars from BEITRAINING®. We have a wide-ranging programme – for various sectors, new and experienced sellers – and are pleased to provide advice on selecting the right seminars for you.


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