Negotiating techniques

Professional selling is based on the notion that people buy from you if you are in a position to harmonise your product or service in line with their situation, problems and requirements. Selling does not mean simply selling as many products as possible. It means discovering the hidden requirements, motivation and problems that highlight the decision to purchase taken by every single customer.

However, in every other negotiating situation – from salary increases, better purchasing conditions to take-over contracts – the solution lies in understanding what you are dealing with. The ability to fully concentrate on your counterpart and understand why his needs are important to him places you in a completely new position: You will move from a seller to a service provider or from a petitioner to a problem-solver.

To conduct negotiations in a factual and target-oriented manner, you need to be in a position to quickly identify your counterpart’s strategy, and be aware of the interaction with his own strategy. Only then can you control the existing energy in a targeted manner, and lead yourself and your counterpart to success.

Would you like to improve your negotiating techniques? By way of our tried and tested methods and techniques, you learn how to convincingly put forward your own views and simultaneously establish a win-win situation such that your counterpart will also be happy with the outcome.


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