Marketing & strategy

Do you work in or at your company? When you are submerged in your work, losing sight of essential matters is easily done. Can you distinguish between whether you are working in or at your company?   Those working in a company deal with the daily tasks: Selling, negotiating contracts, advising customers and processing orders etc.   All that is important because by way of such work you generate the income that keeps your company afloat.

If the head himself works in the company, he is normally the most important employee. However, in that respect he can lose sight of the company structure.

The work at the company is actually the task of the entrepreneur. This includes planning, strategic ideas and analysing the company’s position in a changing environment.

  Only the proprietor can provide strategic planning. This entails:

  • Investments in new products and services, new branches or expansion plans
  • Filling vacancies and appointing personnel for the company expansion
  • Employee development strategies so that the know-how and the required skills are guaranteed in all areas
  • Marketing and sales strategy to win over new target groups and buyers

BEITRAINING® supports entrepreneurs and executives of SMEs in company organisation, marketing and sales planning and in employee development. We are pleased to advise you!


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