Employee management & development

My employees only do what is required, are unreliable, unpunctual, incapable, sit out their eight hours, conduct too many private discussions at work and are not at all interested in the company. Do these complaints sound familiar?

It is not always easy to find the right people and make loyal employees out of them. But if you are unsatisfied with your employees, you should first of all ask yourself two questions: Who appointed these employees? Who is responsible for managing these employees?

If you answer “I am” to both questions, you should give the situation some thought and ask yourself how the situation was allowed to develop. When the employee was appointed we were confident that the candidate had potential to successfully perform his tasks. And wasn’t there a time when this employee’s work was characterised by motivation and drive? When and why did the employee lose the motivation? How often were own initiative not allowed, ideas ignored and further-training refused? Was the employee always well informed and was he incorporated in the decision-making process? What perspectives were offered to him?

Employee management is a demanding task. It is not based entirely on professional skill, but rather on character and personal skills. Above all, management means assuming responsibility for people who place their trust in our management.

There are many techniques and tools that help to solve these tasks. We offer seminars for entrepreneurs and executives on the topics employee recruitment, motivation, development, management and loyalty. These are specifically geared towards SME requirements. Contact us!


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