Customer loyalty

One of the basic tenets of selling is winning over “customers for life”. You and your company want to establish a relationship with your customers that is so strong, customers bring their custom to you throughout their lives.

Customer loyalty is hugely beneficial for any company on several levels

  • Repeat transactions mean more turnover.
  • References and recommendations by satisfied customers facilitate new business.
  • Satisfied and loyal customers simplify sales processing, and that in turn saves time and money.
  • Winning over new customers via costly campaigns is considerably more expensive than persuading existing, satisfied customers to make an additional purchase. You reduce costs and increase your profits.

There are many measures, instruments and ways to reinforce customer loyalty. It is worthwhile checking whether or not all potentials are being exploited at your company. Systematic after-care following a sale is therefore a key customer loyalty instrument with which to round-off the sale to the benefit of the customer and seller. Above all, you need employees who are able to address customers’ needs and provide professional support.

Customer loyalty is a key element of the sales and service seminars from BEITRAINING®. We are pleased to advise you on finding the right seminar for you and your employees.


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