Impressions from the Business Exposition in Graz, Austria

Here are some impressions of the Business Exposition in which BEITRAINING® Steiermark participated, supported by further members of the Austrian team.


Management Meeting with high response

The International Management Meeting, taking place from October 24 to 25 in the BEI Headquarters in Nuremberg, Germany, found a high response. All BEITRAINING Master Franchisees and Regional Franchisees were invited and participated actively in multiple workshops and seminars. Furthermore, the Management Meetings provide an opportunity for the exchange of experiences and ideas within the network.

International Management Meeting in Nuremberg

From October 24 to 25, 2014 the International Management Meeting will take place in the BEI Headquarters in Nuremberg, Germany. All BEITRAINING Master Franchisees and all Regional Franchisees are invited to participate in this event.


RE/MAX Training in Turkey

Rodman Gil Ostrander, Founder and Chairman of BEIGROUP, holding a training session for our standing system client RE/MAX in Burda, Turkey.