‘People Skills’ – Hereditary or Learned?

This question is always hotly debated. Some people think ‘people skills’, often called ‘soft skills’, cannot be learned or acquired or, if so, only to a certain basic extent; whereas, absolute agreement can be found in the fact that these skills significantly affect people’s jobs, security and personal success. Without a doubt each of us is blessed with certain personality strengths and talents. Moreover, the imprint we get in our childhood is of great importance.

BEITRAINING is convinced that all humans have the ability to develop, grow and change themselves. By defining ‘people skills’ as the sum of one’s abilities and capabilities, we can apparently see where our own boundaries and possibilities are.


“It's a funny thing about life – if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it.“ (W. Somerset Maugham)

Testing tools form a useful addition to job interviews and help to reduce the risk of making wrong – and often expensive – decisions. Medium-sized businesses need tools which fit to their special needs.

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We are looking forward to our next Management Meeting

From October 20 to 21, 2017, the International Management Meeting will take place in the BEI Headquarters in Nuremberg, Germany. All BEITRAINING Master Franchisees and all Regional Franchisees are invited to participate in this event which offers a great opportunity to exchange experiences and ideas within the network.

Delegating tasks – a must for Managers

Do you have the idea that ‘in the time it takes you to explain a task to an employee, you can handle it faster yourself’ or ‘that nobody is able to handle the task as well as you?’

As a manager you need to let go of this idea! It is not your responsibility to do the work but to get the work done by your employees through effective planning, delegation and control.



Interviews - How to Find the Best Employees

The key to a successful and profitable company is responsible and loyal employees. Therefore, interviews are a core task of the entrepreneur. Do not delegate this task because you think it takes too much time or somebody else can do it better.

No one knows better than you, the entrepreneur, who will best fit into your company. The personal impression is vital and the ‘chemistry’ must be right. The use of tests and references are common methods to assess the aptitude of an applicant. The most important method, however, is the personal interview.


“Lift up your gaze and you will see no boundaries.” (Japanese Proverb)

Many entrepreneurs fail to distinguish between working in their business from working on the business! Thus, it is worthwhile to turn your eyes away from everyday business and to see the big picture. Take advantage of the summer time and plan your business again.



Attention: Time Thieves!

We all know that time passes at a different pace depending on what you are doing and the pressure you are under. Thirty seconds can seem like an eternity if you are in a precarious situation. But if you are watching an exciting soccer match, like the recent World Championship, thirty seconds seems like nothing.

Time is life, therefore we should have enough time to manage our daily life. But there are many time thieves that steal our precious time. Therefore, it is important to recognise them at an early stage and to fight them appropriately.


Beware of the Time Killers!

'There is one kind of robber whom the law does not regulate and who steals what is most precious to men: time.' (Napoleon Bonaparte)

Get 6 tips to prevent e-mails from becoming time killers!


We are looking forward to the Management

From March 24 to 25, 2017, the annual BEI Management Convention will take place in Nuremberg, Germany. All BEITRAINING Master Franchisees, Regional Franchisees, Marketer/Trainers and staff member are invited to participate in this event. The Management Convention provide an opportunity for the exchange of experiences and ideas within the network. We are looking forward to the event!

Leading with Humour – Laughter Improves Performance

Laughing is healthy – that’s a fact, and not only during times of play or fun. Worldwide research proves that laughing is not only healthy, but also improves personal performance. Happy people work faster; they are more creative; more motivated; and will perform better under pressure. Therefore, laughing should be part of the normal office life.