Performance Reviews – nothing to fear!

Inevitably, there will be a time when an employee’s behaviour and/or performance does not meet your expectations. That is the time for a performance review in order to inform the employee of the mistake, to clearly point out your expectations and to give him/her a chance to adjust their behaviour.


With People Skills You Can Surpass the Competition

What percent of the technical knowledge that you were taught in school or university do you actually use in your daily job experience? And what percent of your personal skills have you had to develop from your experience in the course of your professional development?

‘People Skills’ are those personal skills which will determine our occupational and personal success but they are virtually impossible to find on the curriculum of any schools, universities or vocational institutions.


"The only way to make a man trust-worthy is to trust him." (Henry Stimson)

Ineffective leadership has been identified as the reason for this lack of motivation. Employees complain about low job satisfaction; lack of appreciation; and, little or no opportunity for participation in decision-making. The basis for loyalty is mutual trust.


Looking for staff: Employees recruit colleagues

In many businesses the lack of qualified staff is noticeable. Therefore, it is very important that the methods used to hire new people are appropriate. The method of hiring via the contacts of the current employees achieves an above-average success rate.

What is the impact of this method on each of the participants and what are the guidelines?


Work-Life Balance – Lifestyle under Scrutiny

The expression ‘work-life balance’ means a balanced relationship between professional and private life. Many people come to realise that, although they have succeeded brilliantly in their careers, they are very lonely at the same time.

On the one hand, the combination of business and family is regarded differently in individual cultures.


30 to 60 Seconds for a Permanent Impression

You can meet potential customers and business partners any time and everywhere: at business events, at a party, at the airport – or even in the lift. The term ‘Elevator Pitch' means a short presentation of 30 to 60 seconds until the elevator door opens. During this time you must capture the attention of your counterpart with your concept, otherwise you will have missed a good opportunity.


One for All, All for One!

Many things can be achieved better by a team rather than alone. However, teamwork does not always work. Team sports show that teams with the best individual player do not necessarily show the best overall results.

How to form a strong team in which everybody gives his or her best?


Well-trained Employees mean Success at Trade Fairs

For many medium-sized companies presenting themselves at trade fairs is an inherent part of their marketing mix. Participating in a trade fair is cost-intensive and for this reason demands intensive preparations. The organisation of the stand, of the fixtures, the equipment and the necessary material is a self-evident part of the preparations. What is just as important and is often neglected is the training and motivation of the company's own fair personnel.


Impression New Year’s Resolutions and Old Habits

The turn of the year is a good time for personal and professional resolutions. However, according to many surveys, very few resolutions are ever permenantly implemented due to the force of our old habits.

Read more about the four steps that help you to change your habits.


‘People Skills’ – Hereditary or Learned?

This question is always hotly debated. Some people think ‘people skills’, often called ‘soft skills’, cannot be learned or acquired or, if so, only to a certain basic extent; whereas, absolute agreement can be found in the fact that these skills significantly affect people’s jobs, security and personal success. Without a doubt each of us is blessed with certain personality strengths and talents. Moreover, the imprint we get in our childhood is of great importance.

BEITRAINING is convinced that all humans have the ability to develop, grow and change themselves. By defining ‘people skills’ as the sum of one’s abilities and capabilities, we can apparently see where our own boundaries and possibilities are.